The Non-Profit Sector

A helping hand

IT Hub works across many business sectors, but there is no doubt that supporting Northern Ireland based non-profit organisations is one that we are very proud to be involved with. We recognise that your organisation has a particular purpose in helping others and we want to support you by providing dependable advice and services that fit your limited budget. When it comes to data protection, your organisation will be subjected to the same level of scrutiny as any commercial business. Your need for efficient processes and reliable systems is just as great as anyone else’s, so we want to provide you with IT support that you can trust. Our economic support models allow many small businesses to thrive with fully optimised technology at an affordable cost. They deliver the same financial advantages for any non-profit organisation seeking to make the most from a limited IT budget. As you seek to help other, let us provide you with reliable and cost-effective IT solutions.

Key benefits of IT Services for the non-profit sector
• Compliance with privacy and data protection regulations
• Expertise in overcoming unique technology challenges
• Improved mobility, flexibility and collaboration
• Streamlined maintenance and support contracts