Meaningful Support

When you’re supported by IT Hub you can rely on a partner who understands that your business depends on IT. We know you need to avoid downtime and that you want straightforward honest answers. For over a decade our support service has evolved into a pragmatic and proactive model that gives control to our customers, reducing costs and minimizing downtime.

Many of our competitors have no choice but to inflate costs to cover large overheads and to effectively sell you an insurance policy to cover what might happen. Our support programme is entirely different and it works.


Using some of the most advanced IT support technology available, we monitor the performance of your systems predicting the vast majority of failures before they happen. As well as carrying out all essential system updates, installing software patches and performing both preventive and corrective maintenance remotely and non-intrusively, we also provide you with regular reports on all the work we do on a daily basis.

This is an extremely high value service with processes that are proven to reduce down-time and maintenance costs, and which allow us to forward plan most on-site work. On top of all that our contracted customers benefit from our highly rated virtual IT Director service. We remain available to provide strategic advice and guidance and we will carry out Quarterly System Reviews performed by a Senior IT Specialist.


On those occasions when on-site visits are required our contracted customers are prioritised and they enjoy a preferential hourly rate. Our field engineers respond rapidly and work decisively. IT Hub’s method of operating is consultative, honest and transparent. We would love to talk over the amazing benefits of being supported by us.